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Tired of Being Tired All the Time? 5 Supplements to Beat It

Tired of Being Tired All the Time? 5 Supplements to Beat It - GNC India

Tired of Being Tired All the Time? 5 Supplements to Beat It Are you always tired? Does it take a lot of struggle for you to get out of bed despite a good night’s sleep? Do you feel constantly worn out even though you eat well? If so, then probably what you’re doing or eating is not enough. Being lethargic and stressed throughout the day doesn’t only make you groggy, but has a significant impact on your body as well – it slows down your brain and makes it tough to maintain good health. However, even with your hectic lifestyle, there is a lot that you can do to beat the fatigue and get a much-needed energy boost to feel more awake than ever. Here are five essential supplements that can help you feel revitalized and invigorate your spirits:

The 8 B vitamins, also referred to as Vitamin B complex, are essential for the metabolism of food and energy production in our body. An adequate amount of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, and B12 in your diet can help you fight back the stress and tiredness as they directly affect the functions of the brain and nervous system.

Supplements such as GNC Big 100 B-Complex Formula can make up for the lack of essential vitamins in your body and help you stay active. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, it is especially important for you to supplement your diet with Vitamin B12, commonly found in fish, pork, beef, dairy, and eggs, as it helps the other B vitamins in carrying out their tasks.


Another vitamin that can help you regain your energy when you feel fatigued is Vitamin C. Besides wound healing and warding off the common cold, Vitamin C plays a vital role in the metabolism of stress hormones such as Cortisol. Supplements such as GNC Vitamin C 1000 Time Release can be effective in reducing stress and help you have a better night’s sleep to make you feel better rested.


Besides vitamins, a few minerals such as Magnesium may also assist your fight against tiredness. In fact, a deficiency of Magnesium can lead to depletion of energy stored in the body and cause the death of cells. Consumption of supplements such as GNC Magnesium Fast Dissolving Orange Pineapple can prove to be helpful in retaining your energy when you are stressed, anxious or extremely tired.

Essential Supplements to beat fatigue
  • ZMA

Supplements such as GNC Pro Performance ZMA are popular among the victims of poor sleep and fatigue, especially men, owing to its sleep-inducing properties. While Zinc and Magnesium in ZMA help to curb tension and support a peaceful night’s sleep, Vitamin B6 assists better absorption of the two minerals in the body to make you feel a lot better even when the life gets stressful.

  • IRON

It is most common for women, and even some men, to witness a decrease in their energy levels due to iron deficiency. Thus, intake of supplements such as GNC Iron is considered to be an effective way to combat fatigue and give your body the energy it needs to function properly. For people who are anemic, or who don’t get enough iron from their food, iron supplements are a must.

GNC supplements are specifically formulated to revitalize you and come in different blends for men and women keeping in mind the different needs of their bodies. The key thing is to identify what is making you so tired and take the supplement that targets your symptoms.

Don’t forget to eat healthily and get sufficient sleep!

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