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Everything You Need To Know About Beyond Raw® Iso-peptide Protein

Everything You Need To Know About Beyond Raw® Iso-peptide Protein - GNC India

Training that’s intense, needs a protein that’s just as intense. You are most likely adding on more proteins to your low-carb meals or Beyond Raw® Re-Built Mass XP to get stronger. Obviously, you want to up your game.

Say hello to Beyond Raw® Iso-Peptide Protein.

It is ideal for athletes that are driven to build muscle, and require constant mobility and rapid recovery to hit the gym day after day. Your body needs complete protein for essential amino acids which build muscle.

The whey protein hydrolysate in Beyond Raw® Iso-Peptide Protein provides a pre-digested, complete protein source along with bioactive peptides. These hydrolysates go beyond raw whey protein concentrates to provide bioactive di- and tri-peptides, which are more rapidly absorbed than other proteins.

Beyond Raw® Iso-peptide Protein

Now, let’s talk about extra leucine.

Leucine is a unique and crucial amino acid (EAA) that signal your muscles that it’s time to get stronger. It basically switches on the molecular switch for muscle protein synthesis.

Leucine can’t be made in your body and does not get converted to sugar or other amino acids in your body. This means the leucine you consume is directly proportional to how much you have in your blood after a meal. The more leucine you have in a whole food meal, the more likely it is that meal contains a lot of the EAAs for muscle growth. Therefore, the more leucine, the more you can ensure muscles are receiving adequate stimulus for protein synthesis. Each scoop of Iso-Peptide contains 10g of leucine along with a clinical dose of Opuntia Fiscus Indica extract (OpunDia™; InuSpike™) which helps to positively regulate insulin response in the body. This is especially when combined with leucine after exercise. Insulin is an anabolic hormone because it enables cells to absorb nutrients, including amino acids, and encourages protein synthesis.

With Collagen Hydrolysate and micellar casein added to the mix, you’ve got two additional sources of EAAs with the added bonus of special properties. Hydrolysate is a collagen that provides you with the precursors for the most abundant protein found in your bones and connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Our joints are where bones end and articulate on cartilage with the support of ligaments and tendons. When you consume collagen hydrolysates, they ensure adequate protein for these connective tissues.

Micellar casein is “the other” milk protein that is slightly different from whey protein. It tends to form globules in the stomach which slow absorption and in turn delivery of amino acids to your muscle. Beyond Raw® Iso-Peptide Protein is designed to optimize delivery of amino acid throughout the post-exercise anabolic response. As there’s no added sugar, it’s suited for a low-carb regime. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) gives you that extra energy and is less likely to be converted to fat under your skin, packing a power-packed punch in Beyond Raw® Iso-Peptide Protein.

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