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Include a scientifically designed lean shake in your new year resolutions

Include a scientifically designed lean shake in your new year resolutions - GNC India

Every year is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. We try to become our best selves by taking up new habits and giving up on bad ones. Each year we make resolutions based on how we want to improve. These resolutions range from trying to get into a good sleep schedule to eating healthy. Many of us are also resolute to lose weight and get into better shape.

Weight loss may sound as easy as eating less and exercising more, but it isn’t. Reducing your food intake and exercising more may result in weight loss but it also results in reduction of essential nutrients in our body. This leads to a weaker immune system, reduced strength, and illness. What if we told you that you can get your daily nutrition requirement without going over your calories or sabotaging your goals?

If your new year resolution is weight loss, then start including a scientifically designed lean shake in your diet. GNC Total Lean – Lean Shake is also known as meal replacements as they can be substituted for a meal. Unlike protein shakes, lean shakes contain all essential nutrients required by our bodies. They are usually low in calories and carbs. They are high in fiber and meet your daily 1/3rd essential vitamin and mineral requirement.

Here’s an overview of how effective these meal replacements are.

1. They provide nutrients that our regular diet may lack
Even if we follow a diet, our regular meals lack some of the essential nutrients. To compensate for it, we must incorporate multivitamins and many other supplements in our diets. GNC Total Lean – Lean Shake, on the other hand, is designed scientifically to ensure you get the required amount of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins.

2. They are helpful when you are ignoring unhealthy meals
We often try to give up on unhealthy foods and snacks when we plan on shedding some weight. But it is easier said than done. In the end, every day ends up becoming a cheat day as we look for a quick fix when hungry. Lean shakes help you solve this issue. Firstly, they are available in different flavours. Secondly, it takes less time to prepare a GNC Total Lean – Lean shake than to grab a burger.

3. They can be helpful in shedding weight faster
Meal replacements meet your daily food requirements. This means you don’t have to consume empty calories, carbs, and unhealthy fat to get your energy and nutrients. Lowering your calorie intake is the key to losing weight. Each serving contains 25 gms Of protein, 8 gms of fiber, and 27 essential nutrients, meeting 1/3rd of your daily essential vitamin and mineral requirement. This means you stay full for a longer period of time while feeling energised. All these points sum up to faster and optimal weight loss.

How to make the perfect meal replacement shakes?

Even though all the meal replacement shakes are flavored, you can always make them extra fun by adding your own twist to it. Here’s how:

– 1 cup berries (mixed or of choice)
– 1 cup milk of choice
– 2 scoops of GNC Total Lean Lean Shake (Vanilla)
– Honey as required

Recipe 1: Shake
● Add berries, milk, and lean shake powder in Vanilla to a blender and blend until smooth.
● If you like a little texture in your shakes, stop before the berries are fully crushed.
● Add honey as per your liking.
● You can add ice if you like your shakes cold.

Recipe 2: Nice cream
● Blend all the ingredients together and make a smooth shake.
● Save up half a cup and freeze the rest in an ice tray.
● Once frozen, add it to the blender with the half cup of shake you saved.
● Alternate, scraping the sides with blending until you get a smooth paste.

Tips for healthier indulgences:
● Try adding a banana with the GNC Total Lean Lean Shake (Chocolate) flavor lean shake.
● On cheat days, you can add a scoop of ice cream of your choice while making the shake.
● Try the recipe with different milk like almond, soy, etc.
● You can replace milk with water.

Weight loss is more than a calorie deficit diet, it is also about improving your lifestyle and adapting healthy habits. Meal replacements can not only be a quick fix, they can help you control cravings and make better choices.

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