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Nutrition for Controlling Hair-fall & Premature Greying

Nutrition for Controlling Hair-fall & Premature Greying - GNC India

Tried everything but still worried about excess hair fall, hair thinning and early greying? This problem is common these days but finding the right solution isn’t.

Hair fall or premature greying is caused due to various reasons, including lack of nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, physical and mental stress, hereditary and improper intake of medication.

Our health expert Dr. Geetika Gupta, is here to help you understand how to control these 2 major issues through nutrition and extra haircare.

Get quick tips on what changes can you bring to your lifestyle for maintaining those luscious locks! Looking for more health & wellness guidance?

We would love to help you! Feel free to connect with our GNC experts on 1800 266 8666 or drop us an email at!

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