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Busting 3 Popular And Funny Myths About Whey Protein Supplements

Busting 3 Popular And Funny Myths About Whey Protein Supplements

Whey Protein supplements are the most popular pre or post-workout drinks! However, there are too many misconceptions and myths about the consumption of protein supplements. Newbies are always confused because there are way too many opinions available online from all kinds of sources – whether legitimate or not. And a lot of people are ill-advised and have to suffer the brunt of their silly and not-so silly assumptions and mistakes!

But have no fear, because we are here! We are busting 3 key and hilarious myths about protein supplements.

Myth 1

Whey protein supplements are only for bodybuilders

The Reality

Countless people stay away from consuming any supplements because of this highly popular myth but you couldn’t be further from reality. You can have a protein supplement if you’re doing any form of regular exercise or even if you have a relatively sedentary lifestyle because it greatly helps with the recovery of your muscles.

Protein alone doesn’t make your muscles larger; it simply helps your body recover from the wear and tear caused by the exercise you undertake. You don’t have to be Dwayne Johnson or Rhonda Rousey to enter Whey Protein World.  Even if you began working out recently, you can happily indulge. We’d recommend that you start with our GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein. It digests quickly, enhances your metabolism, fuels the muscles, and assists to support your wellness and performance goals.


Myth 2

Whey Protein powders can substitute whole food sources entirely


 The Reality

Some myths are purely ridiculous. Protein shakes are greatly convenient for your constantly-on-the-go lifestyle. But there is no way they can be equated to cutting into a chicken breast or having a Buddha bowl featuring an assortment of beans, tofu, and edamame. Your body needs variation in protein in order to get all the required micro and macronutrients. Instead of making them a primary source, make the whey protein powders a part of a more holistic protein diet.

You could definitely test the waters with our GNC AMP Pure Isolate. It helps prevent muscle breakdown and helps you maintain muscle mass.


Myth 3

Whey-based protein will make you fat

The Reality

Who comes up with these? We really wonder.

Consuming whey-based protein can lead to weight gain the same way that overindulging in any food protein without a proper exercise plan, can eventually lead to weight gain. Too much indulgence can boost your calorie intake and lead to a larger number on the scale.

Otherwise, there’s ‘no whey it’ll make you fat!’ So let’s not let the rumors scare us away from protein supplements such as our GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced.

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