Quick Ideas for Protein Rich Recipes

Quick Ideas for Protein Rich Recipes - GNC India

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to bulk up, protein shakes are a healthy yet delicious way to pack some serious muscle! By blending some game-changing ingredients, you can make these shakes the most exciting part of your day.

Here are some delicious protein shake recipes for you. Take a look:

Soy almond shake

If you’re looking for some energy to start your day, blend one scoop of protein powder, one cup of soy milk (preferably light), one tablespoon slivered almonds, three drops of vanilla extract, a bit of sugar-free maple syrup, and some ice. Your shake will definitely delight your taste buds and fortify your body.

Oatmeal shake

Running late to work and don’t have the time to chew your oats? Why not drink your oatmeal? Take one cup dry oatmeal, two scoops of your vanilla protein powder, a little sugar-free maple syrup, one tablespoon chopped almonds with some cinnamon powder, and mix it with 1-1½ cups of water or low-fat milk based on your preference. A healthy yet delicious oatmeal shake is ready to delight your taste buds.

Wild berry shake

The extra berries in this recipe will keep you feeling full for longer than a regular protein shake. And the delicious taste will be a bonus. Blend around eight raspberries, four strawberries, 15 blueberries, two scoops of protein powder, two cups of low-fat milk, and some ice, and your wild berry shake is ready to be served.

Chocolate and peanut butter shake

Craving some chocolate but feeling guilty about it? Pick your blender instead of the chocolate jar, and you’ll be happy and healthy at the same time! Mix two cups of chocolate protein powder with one tablespoon of creamy peanut butter, two cups of low-fat or non-fat milk, plus some ice in your blender and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Tropical punch shake

Embrace some fruity goodness as these weight gain foods will enrich your high-protein plan. Take one scoop of vanilla protein powder, half a banana, a cup of coconut milk, a quarter pineapple, three strawberries, and some ice. Mix all of it in a blender and relish a healthy yet scrumptious drink.

The Hulk shake

It’s the perfect recipe to make your gym friends go green with envy. Take two scoops of vanilla protein powder, blend it with ½ tablespoon pistachio pudding mix (opt for sugar-free), one cup low-fat milk or water, and add two drops of peppermint extract and one drop of green food colouring (optional). The colour and taste of The Hulk will delight all your senses and help in building mass as well.

The mass gainer shake

If you want to intake a lot of calories in a jiffy, this almond shake is ideal for you. Take two scoops of protein powder, ½ cup raw almonds, ½ banana, and 1-1½ cups of water. Blend all this and add a sweetener to taste if required.

These recipes will definitely add some punch and sinful indulgence to your plain protein shakes while keeping you on track to achieve your fitness goals!

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