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What is Beta-Alanine

What is Beta-Alanine - GNC India

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that does not contribute directly to muscle building but is a precursor to carnosine, a functionally active peptide with antioxidant properties that helps moderate optimal pH ranges within muscles.

Beta-alanine can lead to a “flushing effect” on the skin, giving the temporary sensations of itching or tingling.

The body can produce beta-alanine in at least three ways:

  • It can be released during the breakdown of histidine dipeptides, such as carnosine or anserine.
  • It can be formed as a secondary byproduct of a reaction that converts L-alanine to pyruvate.
  • Additionally, beta-alanine can be formed during digestion, when intestinal microbes remove a carbon atom from L-aspartate, releasing both beta-alanine and CO2.

Pork and beef are good sources of carnosine, whereas tuna and venison are high food sources of anserine.

Benefits of Beta-Alanine:

Beta-alanine is often used by endurance and bodybuilding athletes. It is a precursor to carnosine, which has pH buffering properties.

Strenuous exercise can negatively affect the pH balance in muscles as the body is getting less oxygen than it needs.

Proper pH balance in muscles during high-intensity workouts can delay exhaustion and fatigue, increasing performance.

Optimal muscle pH ranges help facilitate muscle contraction.

Necessary for the metabolism of sugars and organic acids.

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