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5 Easy Whey Protein Recipes Completely Worth Trying

5 Easy Whey Protein Recipes Completely Worth Trying - GNC India

Don’t just look for flavours in your protein powder, but also create new ones’ with fresh fruits, nuts, and dry fruits. Try these quick and healthy whey protein recipes, which will become your go-to whey protein recipes.

Bulk-Up Banana Smoothie

Banana and Smoothie are never-go apart terms.  Try this amazing, super easy, and healthy shake for breakfast. This will add nutrients to your daily meal, and keep you going!! This smoothie has all your favorite ingredients, together in one glass.

Recipe here

Protein Pancakes

This delicious and very easy to make protein pancakes can be your go-to breakfast recipe. Not only protein-rich, they are also fiber-rich to meet your morning muscle cravings.

Recipe here


Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

No time to prepare breakfast in the mornings! Try this recipe made using fiber-rich oats and apple and our very own whey protein powder GNC Pro Performance. Packed with protein and fiber – a great way to start your day!

Recipe here

Peanut Butter Smoothie

This recipe is ideal for people following a low carb diet. It’s a smoothie to make when you feel lazy to make breakfast in the morning.

Recipe here

Multigrain Protein-Rich French Toast

This French toast is made from Whole grain bread which is packed with proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. This recipe is proof that French toast need not be laden with sugar and calories.

Recipe here

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