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Everything You Need to Know About Deepak ‘The Indian Rock’ Nanda

The Indian Rock


Bodybuilding as a profession is harder than one can imagine. The difficulty level attached to the profession and passion is a reason why the true legends who emerged in this field are relatively few. Looking back, some of the most recognisable names in this domain include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, and Ronnie Coleman.

While they may have different strengths and traits, one thing that has been common among them and all leading bodybuilders is hard work and persistence. When it comes to India, the great land has also produced its share of unparalleled bodybuilders.

Among the leading names that have kept the sport buzzing and aspirants intrigued is Mr Deepak Nanda. Owing to his striking resemblance to WWE's famed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson of the WWE, the community quickly compared Deepak Nanda to the Black Adam actor. As a result, the moniker of ''Indian Rock'' was promptly given to Mr. Nanda.

Biography of Deepak Nanda

Mr Deepak Nanda is a fitness model, a pro bodybuilder, and, more importantly, an athlete and health enthusiast. Deepak Nanda Indian Rock was born on 16 February 1988 at Dakshinpuri in Delhi. Deepak Nanda's height, or Indian rock height is 5 '11. Besides his professional accolades, he is a gym owner, fitness trainer, influencer, and emerging entrepreneur.

During his early professional years, his tattoo and hairstyle resembled those of the renowned wrestler The Rock, AKA Dwayne Johnson, which garnered the attention of many and made him popular among the fitness community almost instantly.

  • Childhood and First Job: Mr. Nanda hails from a middle-class family based in Delhi. Deepak Nanda's age is 36. However, his childhood and teenage years were fraught with several challenges.
    When he was in just eight standard, he was forced to work as a tea and water server at a shop before he could attend class. During those days, he earned a meagre Rs—50 per day.
  • Work and Experience: Facing hardships from an early age encouraged him to transform his life and leave a mark on society. Over the years, through his hard work, dedication, and capabilities.
    Mr Nanda has created a name for himself and achieved great success in the field of pro bodybuilding. He currently lives in Delhi and owns a gym named Beast Gym in South Delhi.
  • Relationship and Spouse: Mr. Deepak got married to Rupal Nanda in 2011. The couple met through Facebook and soon tied the knot. Mrs Rupal Nanda, who is a fashion blogger, is also a great source of inspiration for Mr Deepak.
    The pro builder considers her his guru, as she has constantly supported him and helped him become a gym trainer in 2011. While his hobbies have always been exercising and bodybuilding, Mr. Deepak aims to become Mr. Universe.

Net Worth of Deepak Nanda

Mr. Deepak has an undisclosed but substantial net worth. Throughout his career, he has been competing for numerous titles. He is also a professional fitness trainer who owns a gym and is a pro bodybuilder.

Besides these, he has collaborated with multiple fitness brands and health products, which adds to his income. The fitness influencer is also a model and brand influencer for several brands. His multiple sources of income and revenue add to his market worth and valuation.

The List of Deepak Nanda's Achievements

In recent years, Deepak Nanda has achieved several titles and accolades and won multiple competitions. Some of his most notable achievements include these wins:

Achievements Year
IFBB PRO (overall title winner) 2022
Mr. Olympia Amateur 2022
NPC National 2016
Mr. India 2016
Mr North India, All Over 2016
Mr. Delhi 2016
Iron Man 2017

Deepak Nanda's journey is a perfect example of how one's hard work and persistence pay off in the long run. His success today is a great example for aspirants to follow and make a name for themselves in society.

Deepak Nanda’s Journey So Far

He has gone through many ups and downs in his life. Now, let's have a look at his life journey in a bit of detail:

  • Education and First Job
    Mr. Deepak Nanda had his first working experience when he was just a school student. Notably, he enjoyed exercising from a very early age and kept doing it daily. His willingness to remain fit and active paid off later in his career.
    After graduating, Mr. Nanda worked as a salesman at a Shopper's Stop store. However, he took the job to support his passion for bodybuilding and meet his basic needs.
  • Motivation for Bodybuilding
    When he began working as a personal trainer, he became more serious about bodybuilding. He focused his energy on preparing to compete in professional bodybuilding contests.
    Following rigorous training and exercise, he earned the prestigious title of Mr India in 2015, adding enthusiasm to his dreams of becoming a renowned building builder in the country and subsequently in the world.
  • Global Championships
    In the later years, he participated in several other champions and competitions where he faced other competitors hailing from across the world. Through his participation, he won the pro card and emerged as a winner of the Mr India, Mr North India, and Mr Iron Man titles.
  • Unbelievable Weight Transformation
    Recently, Mr. Nanda defeated 243 competitors to claim the IFBB Pro Card at the International Bodybuilding Show in the overall classic category. However, to qualify for his professional licence, he was required to meet the criteria of being - 5'10 in height and 93 kg in weight.
    Unfortunately, he found out just a day before the main event that to compete in the B division, he needed to weigh 89 kgs, 4 kgs less than his current weight, which seemed like an impossible feat then.

However, with the support of his trainer, he lost 4kgs in a day by simply giving up on water and eating rice. Currently, he is working on his capabilities to enhance his chances of winning other respected competitors and prepare for his goal of becoming Mr. Universe.

What Kind of Nutrition Does Deepak Nanda Follow?

Mr Deepak Nanda is health-conscious and has led an active lifestyle from a very early age. Since his teenage years, he has been keen on exercising daily to maintain his fitness. Furthermore, he has been conscious of what he puts into his body and strongly supports eating a clean, nutritious, and balanced diet.

He is cautious of his protein intake and handpicks his supplements to ensure they meet his health needs without compromising his health and performance. This is why he puts his faith in GNC India, a global specialty retailer of fitness and wellness products that started in the USA in 1935.

GNC India's nutrition supplements are known for their high quality and science-backed formulations that inspire consumers to lead a fit and healthy life and ease them into the bodybuilding journey. Due to Deepak Nanda's complete faith in the brand, he has happily collaborated with GNC as their fitness influencer.

Mr. Nanda's wife, Rupal, also has a great understanding of nutrition. She has helped him grow through her guidance and knowledge. From a young age, Mr. Nanda understood that to become successful in bodybuilding, he needed to be consistent with his fitness training and work hard to achieve his goals.

This encouraged him to spend hours at the gym without complaining, follow a clean and strict diet, and challenge his capabilities to achieve new heights. To further provide his body with the required strength he regularly consumes GNC 100% Whey Protein and other natural supplements.

He also incorporates GNC supplements such as GNC Mass Gainer and Triple Strength Fish Oil into his diet to boost the body's energy levels and provide its muscles with the required nourishment and strength.

Workout Regime of Deepak Nanda

Deepak Nanda spends a lot of time training at the gym as a bodybuilder and fitness trainer. Some of his go-to exercises to train his shoulder include:

  • The Arnold Dumbbell press
  • Incline bench
  • Upright row rod
  • Bent over
  • Dumbbell shrug

He also trains his leg muscles, biceps, and thighs. The pro bodybuilder regularly posts his workout regime and exercise videos on his personal YouTube channel for his fans to follow, encouraging them to exercise at their own pace. His fans flock to his YouTube channel and Instagram to see him work out his muscles and avail of tips on enhancing their posture and muscle growth.


As a fitness freak passionate about bodybuilding, Mr Deepak Nanda has come a long way in his journey. His hard work and dedication to achieving his goal make him an inspiring figure and a force to reckon with. Hopefully, the new generation will be inspired by his achievements and encouraged to chase their dreams while leading a clean and active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the full name of the Indian Rock?
The full name of the Indian Rock is Deepak Nanda. He is a professional bodybuilding and fitness trainer and model.

2. Who is the Indian Rock bodybuilder?
Indian Rock bodybuilder Deepak Nanda is a pro bodybuilder, fitness trainer, model, and influencer. He holds several titles, including Mr Iron Man, Mr India, IFBB PRO, and Mr Olympia Amateur winner.

3. What is the height and weight of Indian Rock?
Deepak Nanda is 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighs around 90 kg.

4. How Does Deepak Nanda use GNC Supplements in his diet?
Deepak Nanda regularly consumes 100% GNC Whey protein and other GNC supplements to burn fat and build a fit and strong body.

5. Why is Deepak Nanda known as the Indian Rock?
Deepak Nanda adorns a tattoo design that is the same as Dwayne Dwayne' The Rock ' Rock' Johnson. He also copies the wrestler's hairstyle. As a result, his fans compare him to Johnson, giving him the moniker Indian Rock.

6. Who is Deepak Indian Rock Nanda's wife?
Rupal Nanda, a fashion blogger, is Deepak Nanda's wife. She has been a source of inspiration and supporter for him and ultimately guided him to become the Indian Rock.

7. What is the name of Deepak Nanda's gym?
Beast Gym is the name of Deepak Nanda's gym. It is situated in South Delhi.

8. What is the connection between Deepak Nanda and GNC India?
Deepak Nanda is a fitness and wellness nutrition brand influencer of GNC India and endorses GNC supplements like mass gainer, whey protein, and GNC fish oil.

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