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Tiger Shroff Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Tiger Shroff Workout Routine & Diet Plan - GNC India

Tiger Shroff, aka Jai Hemant Shroff – a son of a "Hero"- has come a long way! Born on 2nd March 1990, Tiger was very passionate about football and wanted to pursue his career there. However, his hidden desire to become an actor like his father soon got converted into reality, ultimately leading him to act.

From his first film, "Heropanti," where he showcased his acting prowess in emotional scenes, to "Student of the Year 2", where he dazzled us with his dance moves, his journey is impeccable, not just about his acting but his dancing skills and chiseled body. The Tiger Shroff diet is something he takes very seriously.

More About Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff is not just a symbol of physical strength, but an embodiment of inner fortitude. From his very first take, he has executed his stunts with such grace and ease, performing mid-air splits, backflips, and delivering powerful punches and kicks that leave us in awe of his abilities.

Tiger Shroff's unwavering dedication to martial arts, with the legendary Bruce Lee as his ultimate inspiration, is awe-inspiring. His commitment to fitness is equally remarkable, as he continuously hits the gym.

In his upcoming movie, he is poised to leave us breathless again with his awe-inspiring stunts. Yes, he has that lean, muscular body that every guy dreams of! Don't you? What's your favorite Tiger Shroff movie or scene that showcases his physical prowess?

For his debut movie, he underwent motion and flexibility training, including wall flips, leaps, and front pike.

Understanding Tiger Shroff’s Diet Chart And Workout Routine

Let’s discuss Tiger Shroff’s diet plan and workout regimen in a bit detail.

Tiger Shroff's Latest Physical Stats

  • Build: Athletic
  • Height: 5 ft 9
  • Weight: 72 kgs

Tiger Shroff Workout Routine

Tiger works out regularly, plans his workout, and combines different techniques to make it enjoyable. We all know he is also a great dancer, so he mixes his cardio with a few dance steps and martial arts. He focuses on muscular strength through weight training.

For his upcoming movie, he is also focusing more on heavy weightlifting. Heavy weightlifting helps improve and increase upper body strength and strengthens muscles. Tiger's weight training consists of bicep curls, including dumbbell, barbell, and reverse curls.

His regime also includes deadlifts and lateral raises with the dumbbells. Bench presses, pull-ups, and pulldowns are also a core part of his regime.

He concentrates on activities like gymnastics to maintain and improve his flexibility. This exercise builds upper body strength and enhances balance, power, control, and agility.

He likes to attend all days of his workout and exercises for at least 2 hours with a mix of flexible exercises and mixed martial arts.

Day-wise Workout Routine of Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff loves to combine his workouts with different body parts on different days. Let’s have a look over his weekly workout routine:

  • Monday
    Chest (Flat bench, incline bench, dumbbell press, chest flye)
  • Tuesday
    Back (Pull-ups, lateral machine pull-downs, low and one-arm dumbbells of 100 kg, low and one arm dumbbell rolls of 100 kgs)
  • Wednesday
    Legs (Squats with 190 kg weights on shoulders, hamstrings curls with 90kg weight, step-ups with 90 kg weight, barbells, and free squats)
  • Thursday
    Arms (Olympic barbell curls with 60 kg weight, dumbbell curls with 32 kg weight, reverse curls with 30kg weight, close grip barbell presses, press downs, skull crushers with 68kh weight)
  • Friday
    Shoulders (Knee and shoulder press with 90kg weight, military press, lateral raises using dumbbells, lateral raises using a machine, rear flyes with 40kg weight)
  • Saturday
    Mixed (Deadlifts with 250 kg weight, squats with 100kg weight, kneel and press with 50kg weight, plyometric push-ups)
  • Sunday
    Abs (Crunches, hanging reverse crunches, weight loaded reverse crunches with 10kg weight, standing, and seated calf presses)

TIger Shroff Diet Chart

Tiger Shroff's unwavering dedication to his fitness regime is truly commendable. His hard work is not just about sweating it out but also about maintaining a disciplined diet.

For Tiger Shroff diet plan chart, his dietician advises him to avoid simple carbohydrates like sugar, cakes, sugary drinks, sweets, potatoes, etc. Instead, he focuses on consuming proteins from natural sources and whey protein powder . Tiger even adheres to his rule of no carb-containing food after five in the evening.

His discipline in adhering to his diet regime is unwavering – no room for cheating. Except on a designated cheat day, he indulges in his favorite treat, sweets.

  • He kickstarts his day bright and early, fueling up with a breakfast rich in proteins and dietary fiber. His typical breakfast includes oatmeal with almonds and eggs, grilled fish with veggies, almonds, and green tea.
  • His mid-morning snack would include whey protein shakes and dry fruits.
  • Lunch is a balanced affair for Tiger, usually consisting of brown rice with chicken or fish and a side of boiled colorful veggies. This meal provides a healthy dose of nutrition with protein and vitamins.
  • He usually goes for his fitness training session in the evening and, before the workout, makes sure to consume a whey protein shake, either plain or mixed with banana or chocolate.
  • After his workout, Tiger ensures to take a protein shake, a crucial step to prevent muscle breakdown and aid in recovery.He ends his day with many green veggies like broccoli and green beans for dinner.

This is all about Tiger Shroff workout and diet. For proper hydration, he drinks 7 to 8 liters of water daily and after many workouts.

Workout Tips From Tiger Shroff

His workout and diet regime are very uptight, but the results on the silver screen are remarkable.

  • Avoid drinking and smoking, and detoxify your body regularly.
  • Always train yourself under a professional trainer.
  • Ensure you get 7 – 8 hours of sleep to maintain a toned, good physique.

Stop giving excuses to yourself, and find a celebrity in you!


Ultimately, you must have felt motivated by reading Tiger Shroff’s journey. His commitment and dedication to his goals helped him achieve a lot. In the same way, you can also be inspired by this reading and set your objective in your life. Aim to follow a well-balanced diet combined with a proper workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which protein does Tiger Shroff use?
Tiger follows a strict diet plan with healthy snacks after every 2 hours. He usually consumes whey protein shakes, dry fruits, seeds and needs.

2. Does Tiger Shroff use whey protein?
He consumes a lot of proteins from natural sources and whey protein powder to complete his daily requirements of protein.

3. What does Tiger Shroff eat in his entire day?
Tiger Shroff follows a strict diet plan that includes six meals per day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus three snacks. Oatmeal, poached eggs, and fruit are the first things he eats in the morning.

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