Pawan Gupta: The Indian Air Force Serviceman and the Sanda Fighter

Pawan Gupta: The Indian Air Force Serviceman and the Sanda Fighter

Did you know that martial arts are a popular form of the fighting system practiced for discipline, self-defense, and fitness and even as a sport? While there are several schools and forms of martial arts, they all have a common objective: self-defense.

Notably, martial arts can be divided into two major categories: hard martial arts, including karate on the other and soft martial arts, like judo. However, there is another form of martial art that combines hard and soft martial arts, and it is popularly known as Wushu.

Due to this trait, the form is also known as a complete martial art and a full contact spot. Notably, there are two distinct categories in Wushu as well.


Pawan Gupta is a Sanda player with several records under his name and has made India proud on multiple occasions. The 5 '9" tall athlete was born on 12 June 1993, hails from Uttar Pradesh, and has had a simple upbringing. Pawan Gupta has been interested in sports from a very early age and actively participated in many competitions.

While in school, he got into kickboxing, which was immensely popular among the kids. Subsequently, he used to take part in many kickboxing competitions. While practicing at a local stadium in Lucknow, he witnessed a group of athletes practicing the art of Wushu. He was quick to identify the similarities between kung fu and Wushu.

Still, he also noticed the differences at the same time. He was particularly drawn to the energy of athletes practicing the martial art form. This piqued his interest in martial arts and drove him to shift his base from kickboxing to Wushu.

Initially, practicing the sport helped him to improve his control over his body and enhance his self-defense techniques. In addition, it also helped to boost his energy levels. After months of rigorous practice, he gained confidence in his technique and started participating in competitions and championships.

He has been closely associated with the sport for over ten years and has proven his merit in the sport not just in India but also on the world stage. Pawan Gupta has several medals and awards under his name. His technique, skills, and discipline have helped him emerge as a four-time national champion in kickboxing and remain a Wushu champion for a long time.

His positive form and skilled technique have helped him become a source of inspiration for many individuals interested in martial arts or planning on training. Having been a part of the sport for a long time, he decided to help others master the martial art and gain better control of their energy and body. To ensure this, he has worked actively to make his Wushu academy accessible to youngsters who wish to train in this martial sport.

Besides this, he is active on his social media channels, where he regularly posts training videos that motivate youngsters and offer a sneak peek into his fitness regime. Among his many accolades, Gupta's feat of becoming a leading brand influencer of GNC is notable. The brand is an established name in the fitness and wellness nutrition domain.

Interestingly, besides being a passionate athlete and martial arts practitioner, he is a full-time serviceman of the Indian Air Force. He has been a part of the IAF since 2014. In fact, during the pandemic, he used to practice his art rigorously at his campus.

Pawan Gupta's dedication to his Wushu training is unparalleled. He devotes countless hours to perfecting his moves and techniques. His commitment extends to the gym, where he spends hours lifting weights and exercising. You can witness his rigorous workout regime on his Instagram account, where he regularly updates with reels. Moreover, his collaborations with premium wellness nutrition brands and advocacy for high-quality supplements like GNC mass gainers and GNC fish oil , serve to educate his followers about the importance of clean and natural supplements in bodybuilding.