Sukh ‘The King of Punjab's Johal’

Sukh ‘The King of Punjab's Johal’

The youth of Punjab have earned accolades in many fields, especially in sports, fitness, and music. Their contributions to the community and the country continue to make the nation proud and inspire future generations. One such inspiring personality from Punjab is Sukh Johal. While he came into prominence as an Instagram influencer, he became an inspiration to many who are keen on becoming a health and fitness enthusiast. He has been using GNC supplements such as GNC whey protein , Creatine , Multivitamins , etc., which have helped him fulfill his desired goals.


Sukh Johal, whose real name is Satwinder Singh, is a popular public figure known for his talent in several spheres and was born on 6th October 1998 in the Pandori District of Barnala, Punjab. Essentially, Johal is an Instagram influencer and a recognized social media star with roots in Punjab, who quickly rose to fame in social media as the Calisthenic boy. His journey in calisthenics has been remarkable.

Johal completed his education at Baba Kala Mala Singh Public School, Chappa. After finishing his schooling, his interest in sports inspired him to play Kabaddi. However, after three years, Sukh Johal discontinued Kabaddi and joined calisthenics.

With a massive following of over 1.8 million on Instagram, he shares original content, guiding followers through his daily workout and diet regime. Johal's fitness videos and educational posts on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle have made a significant impact, inspiring many to prioritize their health and fitness.

Due to his notable presence and influence over youngsters, Johal has become the face of many health and fitness brands. His transparency and inclination towards clean and natural means of achieving strength and bodybuilding have also helped him become the brand influencer of the global fitness and wellness nutrition brand GNC.